Are you looking to travel to China? If so, you’ll need a China visa! Travelling to China isn’t as easy as many people think. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment, make sure you read this guide. Obtain a China visa hassle free, and as quickly as possible.

Price: Fees for a China visa are highly dependant on your country of origin. The current fee for a U.S. citizen is $140 USD.


Types of China Visas Available


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There are 6 primary types of visas that are the Chinese Government issues for visitors. The two most common being the G-visa and the L-visa; both are issued for transit and tourism purposes. The G-visa is the only visa that visitors can apply for upon arrival. These come with limitations of 24, 72 or 144 hours depending on your travel requirements.

The other four visas China issues for other purposes. 

  • F-visas and M-visas are for business-related purposes.
  • X-visas – for students only.
  • Z-visas – for those who plan to stay and work in the country.

If you are traveling to China for tourist purposes, it is best to begin the process 6 months prior to your travel date. Ensure you have at least two blank pages in your passport and prepare a passport photograph. In addition to this, a travel itinerary must also be present.

The F-visa is intended for non-commercial visits. This may include cultural exchanges, sporting events, or scientific education. Most business travellers apply for the M-visa.

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Business China Visas


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The application process for a China business visa is similar to the tourist visa process. You are required to have an invitation letter as well as your passport and photograph. The consular may request to view your original invitation letter, request a personal interview, or ask for additional supporting documents.

In order for the invitation letter to be valid, it must include your personal details, your passport number, and information about your visit. This includes arrival and departure dates and the personal details of the inviting person.

Upon approval, business visas take up to 4 days for China to issue. This largely depends on the paid service you choose. If you are seeking an express visa, they could issue you one within 24 hours under some circumstances. Most M-visas allow for a 90 day stay. Some may even quality for a 10 year China visa. Student China visas and work visas require some type of invitation or proof of need as part of the application process.

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Why an Agent can Save you a lot of Hassle


Tadex China Visa

The process of obtaining a China visa is known to be an extremely tedious and frustrating task. Therefore, using Tadex as an agent will save you a lot of hassle. Not only can using our agents save you time, we can also save you money. If your application is rejected, re-applying for a visa could cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, we organise your documents, streamline your application and have your China visa issued as quickly as possible. Consequently, there are no waiting lines, no variables and no surprises. Above all, you will have full confidence that the application submitted will be approved. View our China Visa Services here.

Finally, traveling to China can be a life-changing experience. Make sure you take the time to understand the requirements you need to enter the country before travelling. As a result, your trip will have minimal disruptions and you will have the best possible experience! Contact us today to arrange your China Visa!

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